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About BECE

BECE is the Acronym for Basic Education Certificate Examination. BECE is the examination that is taken by junior secondary school student in their third year. BECE is popularly known as “Junior WAEC" because it is just like the WAEC standard and also it is the final exam that will be taken at the ending of their third year in the Junior Secondary School. BECE does not only allow you to be admitted to senior secondary school (SSS) but you can also use it to be admitted to technical school or college.

Another interesting thing to understand is that BECE is both conducted in Nigeria and Ghana. It is held annually in June (Ghana), May/June (Ghana) (Nigeria).

In Nigeria, it is supervised by the National Examinations Council (NECO) and conducted by the state ministry of education in each state. NECO directly organizes examinations for Unity Schools, Armed Forces Secondary Schools and different Federal Government schools. In Ghana, Candidates in the third year of junior high schools authorized by the Ghana Education Service are eligible for the examination.

BECE Official Website

For More information, you can visit the official website of BECE: https://bece.neco.gov.ng/

Importance of BECE Examination

  • it is a criteria to graduate from Junior Secondary School to Senior Secondary School.
  • The basic education certificate must be obtained
  • It is essential for enrolment to technical schools.

Things Needed To pass BECE Examination

  • BECE Past questions: Candidates will need to have past questions, so as to have an idea about the kind or level of questions that is asked in BECE. This is the reason why Myschoolbrod is here to supply you with complete BECE past questions.
  • BECE Tutorial Videos: BECE tutorial videos will help candidates to have better understanding about each question and topics related to it that may likely come in the examination. Are you really feeling like watching BECE Tutorial video? Just click on the this link, immediately you will be taken to Myschoolbrod YouTube Channel so that you can watch BECE Tutorial videos we have uploaded. Click Here
  • Stationery: Candidates that will partake in BECE examination will have to get some stationery like: pencils (HB), mathematical set, Calculator e.t c.

Easy Steps to Pass BECE Examination

  • Have the mindset that you want to take the BECE exam.
  • Overcome Exam Fear (Exam Phobia)
  • Create enough time to study before the examination
  • Make sure you read and study all topics associated with each subject you are taking for the BECE Examination. Click Here to go to Myschoolbrod YouTube Channel, to watch more educational videos needed to pass BECE Examinations
  • Study and read all necessary past questions on the BECE exam. You can download past questions on our website, Click Here to Download

How to check BECE Result

To check BECE result, check the easy steps given in this post where we explained in details step by step on how you can check your BECE result online. Click here to check easy steps to check BECE result online

About Pre-Vocational Studies

Pre-Vocational Studies encompasses Home Economics and Agricultural Science

Importance of BECE Pre-Vocational Studies Past Questions

BECE Pre-Vocational Studies past questions are important in your studies to help you have an insight of how the exam looks like and how to face questions related to different topics covered in the subject examination to be taken

Excerpts From BECE 2022 Pre-Vocational Studies Past Questions

1. Land appreciates in value through the following EXCEPT__________
A. manuring
B. irrigation 
C.  erosion
D.  weeding

1. The major advantage of Nomadic farming is that
A. animals  are  exposed  to  pests  and diseases
B. animals are not properly fed due to movement 
C.  excreta and droppings are wasted
D.  animals feed well during food and water scarcity

3. Which of these is a major export produce?
A. Cocoa
B. Carrot
C.  Cashew fruit
D.  Coconut

4. The professional that buys and sells stocks in their own names are the _______________
A. sellers 
B. jobbers  
C.  buyers 
D.  stockbroker 

5. The original record of transactions made in business is said to be
A. source document
B. reference numbe
C.  description date
D.  authorizing signature 

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