Do you need Nigeria's National Examinations Council (NECO) Chemistry Past question 2022 Free? If Yes, you are in the right place

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About NECO

NECO examination is done by students who just finished secondary school. It was the first federal body in Nigeria to provide academic candidates with discounted registration and it was ordered to assume the National Board of Education Measurement's duties (NBEM).

What is NECO

NECO stands for Nigeria's National Examinations Council (NECO). The Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education are conducted by Nigeria's National Examinations Council (NECO) every June/July and December/January of the year, respectively.

NECO Vision

To become a major player in the global assessment industry.

NECO Mission

To deliver examinations whose results are trusted worldwide for their credibility.

NECO Core Values

Redefining the future of the Nigerian child through quality assessment.

History of NECO

The formation took place 23 years ago in April 1999. It is an examination educational body that operates only in Nigeria but the result can serve a purpose inside and outside Nigeria. Abdulsalami Abubakar, a former head of state, created NECO in April 1999.

NECO Official Website

For more information, you can visit the official website of NECO: https://www.neco.gov.ng

Importance of NECO Examination

  • You can submit it to apply for higher education
  • You can get a Job using the certificate
  • It is acknowledged globally
  • Numerous universities accept NECO Exam result

Things Needed To pass NECO Examination

  • NECO Past Questions: Candidates will need to have past questions, so as to have an idea about the kind or level of questions that are asked in NECO. This is the reason why Myschoolbrod is here to supply you with complete NECO past questions.
  • NECO Tutorial Videos: NECO tutorial videos will help candidates to have a better understanding of each question and topics related to it that may likely come in the examination. Are you really feeling like watching the NECO Tutorial video? Just click on this link, and immediately you will be taken to Myschoolbrod YouTube Channel so that you can watch the NECO Tutorial videos we have uploaded. Click Here
  • Stationery: Candidates that will partake in the NECO examination will have to get some stationery like pencils (HB), a mathematical set, a Calculator e.t c.

Easy Steps to Pass NECO Examination

  • Have the mindset that you want to take the NECO exam.
  • Overcome Exam Fear (Exam Phobia)
  • Create enough time to study before the examination
  • Make sure you read and study all topics associated with each subject you are taking for the NECO Examination. Click Here to go to Myschoolbrod YouTube Channel, to watch more educational videos needed to pass NECO Examinations
  • Study and read all necessary past questions on the NECO exam. You can download past questions on our website, Click Here to Download

How to check NECO Result

To check NECO results, check the easy steps given in this post where we explained in detail step by step how you can check your NECO result online. Click here to check easy steps to check NECO results online

About Chemistry

   Chemistry is a science subject that researches elements and compounds' properties, compositions, and structures, as well as the way they can change and the energy that is released or absorbed during those changes.

   Chemistry is one of the important subjects you have to pass as a science student in WAEC. Remember for you to pass WAEC, you have to treat essential topics. Chemistry has a lot of definitions that differ as a result of the source but know that every definition still has the same meaning or passes the same information. 

   Some of the world's great Chemist are Marie Curie, Dmitri Mendeleev, John Dalton, Amedeo Avogadro, Alfred Noble, Robert Boyle, Ernest Rutherford, William Ramsay, Alice Ball, Harold Urey, Rosalind Franklin, Mario Molina, Louis Pasteur.

Important Topics In Chemistry

For you to pass WAEC, you have to treat important topics, so here are the important topics in the Chemistry needed to pass WAEC:

  • Stoichiometry
  • Laws of definite and multiple proportions
  • Law of conservation of matter
  • Gay Lussac’s law of combining volumes, Avogadro’s law
  • Chemical symbols
  • Formulae, equations and their uses
  • Relative atomic mass
  • The mole concept and Avogadro’s number
  • Chemical combination
  • Kinetic theory of matter and Gas Laws
  • Melting
  • Vapourization
  • Boiling
  • Freezing
  • Solubility
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Acid, Bases and Salts
  • Oxidation and Reduction
  • Electrolysis
  • Chemistry and Industry
  • Metals and their compounds
  • Nitrogen,
  • Energy changes
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Bonds

These topics will be treated on our YouTube Channel and also download past questions to get more questions on them. You can download it on our website.

Importance of NECO Chemistry Past Questions

NECO Chemistry past questions are important in your studies to help you have an insight into how the exam looks like and how to face questions related to different topics covered in the subject examination to be taken

Excerpts From NECO 2022 Chemistry Past Questions

1. The national body responsible for setting food standard and regulations is
A. FAO    
D. NIS. 
E. SON. 

2. The crystal layers of graphite arc held together by 
A. covalent bond.    
B. electrostatic forces.
C. hydrogen bond. 
D. metallic bond. 
E. Van der Waal’s forces. 

3. The following are precautions taken when using a burette except
A. consistent burette readings. 
B. making sure the   burette is not leaking.
C. readings   are taken   at eye level.
D. the   burette   jet   is   rinsed   with acid.
E. the   funnel   is   removed   before taking readings.

4. Which   of   the   following   is   the   non- transitiona! property of zinc? Its
A. catalytic activity. 
B. coloration of metallic ions. 
C. completely filled d orbital. 
D. formation of complexes.  
E. variable oxidation states.  

5. The following arc products of crude oil except 
A. bitumen.   
B. diesel.    
C. ethanol. 
D. kerosene.   
E. petrol.  

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